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I believe stories can change the world, or make your day.

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I write stories to inform, move and amuse. I'm a published author and journalist with more than 20 years of experience in the fast-paced environment of newsrooms, as a leader and part of teams, in Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, London and Lisbon. Wrote and edited investigations and scoops on a broad range of subjects, having travelled in Latin America to cover politics and geopolitical issues. My expertise is finding inspirational stories and remarkable stances to tell them in a relatable way, something I perfected thanks to hundreds of reports, four books and a master's in Creative Writing in London. I was shortlisted for the Aesthetica Creative Writing Award 2023. Expert in using stories to convey complex matters. TEDx speaker.  After living in Portugal for four years - where I became an entrepreneur focused on projects to build a more fair and sustainable society -  I moved to London to pursue my masters. I'm a mother, passionate about the piano, movies and books. Get in touch if you need help building a more compelling and engaging story. Now, I'm based in Rio again and write a weekly column in Valor Econômico.

Her challenge: Manage 1 billion euros to expand the medicine frontiers

Even those who saw the videos and pictures of the building beforehand get impressed. Built on the Tagus riverside, the headquarter of Champalimaud Foundation is an architectural pride for Lisbon with its spacious garden, the organic lines of the three buildings and the huge windows. Inside, around 400 scientists and researchers brave uncharted territory: the human brain and the cure for cancer.

'Bad mood is more contagious than flu,' says expert in good humour.

Is bad mood contagious? How do we deal with children who lose their breath laughing? Is there a sign of bipolar disorder in children who stop crying to laugh all of a sudden? To get top tips on these matters and many more, I talked at length with a specialist.

Wellington Nogueira, 53, married, is the father of a son and lives in São Paulo. He is a professional clown, expert in nonsense and laughs also known as Doctor Zinho (Little Doctor).

Fits of saudade

My youngest daughter started to talk about the long list of things she misses about Rio. She misses eating esfirra in Largo do Machado and the cheese bread. She misses drinking mate. She wants to climb again the trees in Aterro do Flamengo. I was moved, my heart sinking at every recollection, when she said she wanted to do shopping in that local untidy market I rarely went with her. 'Hey, you didn't like that,' I said. 'Yes I did,' she said. 'No, you didn't. You're making up some saudade now. Shall we stop the game then?' I suggested.

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In this TEDx, I talk about an unexpected lesson from motherhood. And it has to do with my child's most cherished dream: my writing life. 

Communication and Purpose

Identifying and committing to a purpose makes clear what a difference a company can make to society. 

It gives the perspective about goals to accomplish beyond profits. It reveals a direction, a North Star to move towards. But not only that, it inspires people.

ESG, racism, diversity, sustainability, gender balance, purpose were some of the keywords that led me throughout my journey as an entrepreneur in the corporate communication business. 

A book trailer

As the co-writer of this book, I also wrote the screenplay on which the book trailer is based.

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